What Happened in the Last 365 Days After I Start Waking Up at 5am Daily

What Happened in the Last 365 Days After I Start Waking Up at 5am Daily

What Happened in the Last 365 Days After I Start Waking Up at 5am Daily

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of this new habit of waking up at 5am daily. The key outcomes and milestones which I have achieved in the past 365 days have been astonishing! When I first became a new member to the #5amclub, I did not know what to expect. I simply followed-through by waking up consistently at 5am and by 3 months I squeezed in to do more than what I’d ever imagined.

That is the Power of Time Efficiency. When you start to value time, you start to take charge of it and eventually unleash your own potential.

I decided to continue this habit after 3 months. In many of the articles or books I have read, it has been emphasised consistently that Successful People Wake up Earlier than the rest. The purpose could be as simple as practicing Mindfulness, Reading, Exercising, Walking the Dog or even having a good and slow breakfast. For me, this is the most productive 2 hours I have in a day amidst a frenzy day-time schedule.

Being a working mother to 2 young energetic kids of age 6 and 4 respectively, and holding on to a full-time career is no easy feat. You are juggling so many balls in the air hoping to achieve the optimal balance which ultimately leads to a happy, meaningful and fulfilled lives which one desires to have.

In the Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) class which I attended last year, one of the key takeaways I have since learnt and programmed hard in my life is that we can organise our life into the 5 Main Pillars. So I will be highlighting the key outcomes and milestones unlocked based on the 5 Main Pillars:

Career & Wealth. Moved Out of HR Career to Become the Top Financial Planner

The 5am habit has enabled me to plan and eventually successfully managed my new career transition. When I began to move out of my own comfort zone by waking up at 5am, I realised that I also began to develop a powerful ability to overcome the terrible sleeping monster. As a result I became a more confident person. There were stronger inner voices within me reinforcing the positive mindset of “If I can Wake Up at 5AM, without Snoozing the button, then a career change might be easier than the morning struggles.

I spent some 5am mornings doing productive preparation work prior to meeting prospective clients. This consistent habit has helped me win credibility and built trust among my prospects, some of whom do not know me personally prior to our meeting. I have since received positive feedback on multiple occasions from various sources: Friends, Clients, LinkedIn Readers, Instagram Followers. From the career perspective, several clients gave me a pat on my shoulders telling me that they can fully entrust their life and financial planning to me because this 5am consistent habit is a good showcase of my level of responsibility and accountability. I believe this was one of the main key reasons why our own Prudential CEO eventually became my client. He was convinced with by my hardworking attitude and my work ethics.

Family & Home. Becoming a Happier Wife and Mother

By waking at 5am, I created this wonderful additional 2 hours for myself in the morning. The serenity, the peace and the ability to think or read with no background noise (except for the clock ticking away and cars veering down the road) is an awesome feeling that leads to being a happier wife and a mother. By having this 2 hours, it feels that I have the time to do the things I desire to do in the day time other than working and taking care of the kids and family. This itself helps me regain my sanity and happiness!

By having some time in the morning, I can plan and schedule ahead of time the major events (Kids’ Spelling Bees, Homework, Parent-Teacher Meetings, Anniversaries) in my calendar. I realised I used to be stressed up because I was bad at managing the big rocks in my life such as missing out to practise spelling or doing homework with my elder daughter and as a result, it caused a significant amount of Mummy’s guilt.

Over the past one year, I experienced the epiphany of Managing Stress when I started to read more about it was: It is not Stress that Will Kill Us. It is our Inability to Cope which will lead us to Slow Death. By managing (mitigating) the stress triggers in life, it can help us to better and more positively when facing stressful situations. It is literally When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade out of it. It is our attitude and reaction which will aid us in leading a happier and healthier lives.

Physical & Health. Clocked 300KM and Asthma-Free for 1 Year

By waking up 5am daily, this creates a regular running routine for me to adhere to. I run once to twice a week clocking 10km a week depending on my schedule. I believe by maintaining a good health and fitness regime, this allows me to work better, think clear and most importantly, it has enabled me to be asthma-free for the past 1 year. I used to fall sick every few weeks leading to upper track respiratory issues and when a working mother is down, the family stability also deteriorates.

Social Friendships. Foster & Build Closer Relationships

With the 5am morning habit, sometimes I would scroll through the social media with the genuine interest of wanting to know what is happening in my friends’ lives within my social circle. Despite that we need to disconnect to connect, I believe that we still need to be connected by leveraging on social media to share and celebrate the positive happy milestones such as A New Baby, Marriage, Graduation, Vacation, Kids’ Birthdays etc, who just started a new fitness regime habit, who just passed driving, the new habits of people. And through the social media platform, this creates many additional topics when we catch up with one another. People love to know that others are engaged and genuinely interested in their lives.

Personal Development. Read 52 books, Published 9 LinkedIn Articles; Pursue HR Certification

The 5am habit made me re-ignite my reading habit and I continue to read during my free time not only restricting to the morning hours. I have since read 52 books. It may not be considered many but compared to the past, this is a great achievement. I truly believe that if we want to be better, we have to learn from the best and books are often the epitome of the best.

With this article, it would mark the 10th Linkedin article I have written. And yes, this article was written at 5am in the morning when I had some thoughts flashing in my mind and wanted to capture them down.

My next project for the upcoming 5am mornings would be used to study for the Institute of Human Resources Professional (IHRP) Senior Professional national certification which will take place in a few months’ time. The precious 2 hours can be used aptly to study and prepare for the certification.

I would like to end off with this quote which I have truly experienced it for myself. If you are intending to make a difference in your life, Start by Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone TODAY! Trust me, you will not look back with any regrets!

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