The Power of “No Limiting Beliefs”

The Power of “No Limiting Beliefs”

The Power of “No Limiting Beliefs”

In July 2017 I resigned from my stable and high-paying Regional HR job to join Prudential as a Financial Consultant. This decision meant that I had to start from scratch all over again; discarding my corporate HR experience, my Compensation & Benefits expertise which I had built up painstakingly over 11 years. When I first told my HR friends of this intention to join Prudential, the first reaction was “Oh, you are joining their HR Team?” My response was “No, as a Financial Consultant”. You could almost imagine them falling off their chairs. “But you have NO SALES BACKGROUND!” That’s so true! I had no experience in sales nor insurance. It seemed that there was nothing transferable to this new job stint at all from my previous HR Compensation & Benefits working experience.

Even the option of becoming a Financial Consultant never crossed my mind until March 2017 when I attended Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner (NLP). The epitome of NLP was “No-Limiting Beliefs”. In the class, we were asked to participate in several belief tests and consistently I came in Top for all of them. Initially I thought I was simply thick-skinned. However along the way, I discovered that perhaps it was beyond that. It was likely because I have a relatively stronger and goal-getter mindset. The NLP course also further reinforced my Grit. One key takeaway from the course – The ability to remove our own self-limiting beliefs could unleash and maximise our potential to the fullest.

During this career transition and the past 6 months, there were many times I wavered with fear. I was not sure if I could do it. Fears were engulfing me inside and eventually I chose not to perpetuate the growing fears. I stopped listening to my own inner negative voices. Rather I started to think more positively, adopted the Law of Attraction philosophy s simply by focusing on the “What would be the Outcome” and not “How to Get There”. By removing all my limiting beliefs, I started to do better, outperforming each previous months as time passed.

Almost every week, I would attend different lessons organised by the Company or self-fund for courses outside to shorten my learning curve and accelerate my expertise. This was something we always learn in school. To master a subject well takes time, effort and practice.

One of my favourite quotes which I truly endorsed. This eventually led me to a super accelerated growth as a new Financial Consultant. My daily 5am routines including running, reading the latest news and happenings and doing research on my work.

“ Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation” ~Zig Ziglar
Here’s what happened to me in both Career and Personal aspects of my life when I started to adopt the Power of No-Limiting Beliefs:


Completed 8 Financial Examination Papers within 6 weeks on Self-Study Mode. This was done concurrently while I was still working full-time while having to take care of my two young kids after work. Ask any parents and they would tell you that by night time, almost every single bit of energy is zapped out. Therefore I decided to wake up every single day at 5am to do my self-studying of 8 thick textbooks with 2100 pages. There was simply no excuse or a break. Even when we took a family vacation in Seoul, this habit continued without fail. I would appear at the hotel lobby at 5am to study for the papers.

Attained Top Producer Awards in July 2017 (My First Month) & Subsequent Other Months. With a supportive Manager who went to several joint appointments with me in my first month, I managed to clinch the July Top Sales Award and deliver a speech on my unusual career transition during the Award Ceremony. Among the audience sat our very own Prudential CEO, Wilf Blackburn who presented the Top Sales awards to me. I was told that it was my lucky day because this was one of the rare few times we had the presence of our CEO.

Top Rookie Financial Consultant and Million Dollar Round Table (Top 1% in Financial Industry) within 6 Months. The climax of this amazing journey and behind my many hours of hardwork was that within 6 months, I squeezed myself into the Top 10 Rookie Financial Consultant (Ranked Number 6) and clinched the Million Dollar Round Table award which represents the Top 1% in this entire Financial Industry. I’m more excited about the MDRT because it will take me to the upcoming MDRT Conference in California in June 2018! More learnings and that’s what keeps me going and motivated day by day!

Invited to be FC Trainer to train Prudential FCs. When I received the invitation, I was honestly hesitated and not confident. Moreover I got to know subsequently that amongst all the veteran Trainers who had multiple years of experience, I was the “least qualified” with only 4 months of ground sales experience. Nevertheless I decided to Challenge My Limits rather than have my Limits Challenge Me. Instead of waking up at my usual 5am routine, I woke up at 4am every morning for a couple of days to prepare. This session turned out to be a success not only for the audience but also myself because I became more confident and with enhanced knowledge through the course of my hours of preparation.


Completed my inaugural 21km Half Marathon & Clocked 300KM in 1 year. I am not an avid runner to begin with. In fact I hated running since young but I started to develop this habit due to my doctor’s advice to mitigate the risk of asthma flare and this was one of the easiest exercise workouts that can be done alone. All my runs were completed in the morning as part of my 5am routine.

Published My First Linkedin Article that Has Garnered 80,000 Readership. When I first decided to publish my very first article “What Happened When I Start to Wake Up at 5am Daily for 3 Months”, I was feeling very jittery and nervous and even deliberated for a couple of hours before deciding to click on “Publish”. I have been a fervent LinkedIn user and frequently read nice articles published by reputable authors or Influencers. I was not sure if my first article would be too amateurish. Nevertheless, I decided to remove my negative limiting beliefs and reframed my mindset that as long as that article can help motivate or even inspire 1 person to make a change in their life, then this would be worth it! This article has since garnered 80,000 readership with 5,000 Likes and Comments.

Secured my golden opportunity to pursue my HR Certification through Institute of Human Resources Professional (IHRP). Despite shifting out of HR, I am still adamant to pursue this holistic and rigorous certification designed for HR Professionals in Singapore. With this certification, it will enrich my HR experience and competency to become a better HR Mentor for my fellow juniors.

In conclusion, limiting beliefs can hamper us from unleashing our potential to the fullest. The person who is holding us back is ourselves. But the good news is that the person who can propel us forward and take us to the beautiful destinations that we can imagine of is also ourselves.

The minute we are able to master control of our minds, tap on the Power of No-Limiting Beliefs, we will become fearless and not afraid of being judged. Then we will learn to look out for opportunities and seize them at every encounter. Trust me, the results will surprise you. If it turns out well, you would be so glad that you have embarked on that first step. And so what if the results are not positive? Selma Hayek has said it well:

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s better than to do nothing and not evolve. Mistakes are your greatest opportunities! ~Selma Hayek

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