My 3 Months Reflection Journal From HR to Sales

My 3 Months Reflection Journal From HR to Sales

My 3 Months Reflection Journal From HR to Sales

Here I am today. It is exactly 3 months since I left my corporate HR role to throw myself into a totally brand new environment in terms of industry and role. From Non-Sales to Sales. I was previously a HR Professional specialising in Compensation & Benefits in my 11 years of employment history.

This had been the boldest decision I have ever made in my life. Moving myself out of a comfort zone to take a leap of faith into the uncharted waters. Friends and ex-coworkers were very concerned if this was the ‘right’ decision to make because after all this was an unconventional route to embark on.

Leaving HR to join Prudential as a Financial Consultant is simply akin to leaving behind a heavily loaded bag of accumulated HR knowledge, expertise and experiences to pick up an empty bag to start from scratch in collecting new experiences in a new untrodden path. What’s more at the point of taking this big plunge, I had ZERO sales background.

There were a lot of reasons why I did this which I shared in my previous article “Moving out of Comfort Zone – HR to Insurance”. Fast forward 3 months later, I am very glad to share that there were many inaugural moments created and milestones unlocked as a new Financial Consultant Rookie. For me, it was during this journey that I experienced this epiphany which the Rock had described aptly in his quote below:

Below is a list of my key achievements and inaugural moments in the past 3 months:

July 2017

Top 1st Position in Sales in respective categories and received awards from Prudential CEO within first month of joining.

Cleared the New Rookie’s Fastrack milestone which typically requires 3 to 6 months. I did it in one month.

August 2017

Invited as a Guest Speaker to share with 300 new Financial Consultants.

September 2017

Attained the distinguished Star Club status which is awarded to Top 10% of all the Financial Consultants which typically requires 12 months. I did it in 3 months.

Invited by Recruitment team as a Guest Speaker to share my success story with the New Inductees.

Top 3 in Sales for the month of September in respective categories

Ranked Top 25 amongst the Rookie Financial Consultants within 3 months of joining

When I first started, there was tremendous internal stress and turmoil. The first immediate one would be the financial aspects as the automatic credit of monthly salary into my bank account would cease with effect from the very same month. Paradoxically, my way of counteracting against the financial worries was simply to adhere to this quote and make myself so busy. No last bit of energy was left to spend on worrying.

Focus on where you want to go. Not on what you fear. ~Tony Robbins

Until today, I persisted with my habit of waking up at 5am daily because I truly treasure and appreciate the first 2 hours of the breaking dawn that was purposefully created. The additional 120 minutes a day has since enabled me to exercise on a regular basis, plan my month and weeks ahead. More importantly, there is a routine review of my life planning in the respective pillars of Family, Career/Wealth, Health & Fitness, Self-Development and Social/Recreation. Within each pillar, there would be goals set and from there, I would break it down further into strategic activities to get myself closer to the established goals.

It was definitely not an easy feat considering the amount of adjustments and changes both my supportive family members and I faced in the initial months. Nevertheless, I continued to keep my weekends free so as not to compromise the quality physical time with my Husband and my 2 young kids aged 5 and 3 respectively. Such a deliberate choice leaves me with exactly 5 working weekdays which forces me to be more productive and at the same time, work smarter and more strategically.

I hope that by sharing my own success story, it would serve as a form of encouragement and inspire any readers who wish to make a change in his/her life. Remove any self-limiting beliefs and doubts either from your own inner voices or naysayers around you. Believe that you can determine and control the outcome. Ultimately whether one fails or succeeds is largely related to one’s internal locus of control. And be like Selma Hayek!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s better than to do nothing and not evolve. Mistakes are your greatest opportunities! ~Selma Hayek

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